Why You Need Safety Management for Your Business

Posted by Florida Resource Management on January 10, 2023

As we enter 2023, the need for safety management has never been clearer. Whether it’s limiting the risk of accidents, preventing lawsuits, or at least creating safety benchmarks, it’s essential to take an organized approach to this. This is not just an issue for big companies, but for smaller businesses as well.

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Here’s what you need to know about managing safety for your Florida business.

Important Reasons to Focus on Safety Management

  1. You can prove to your employees that you value their well-being.
    • One of the best ways to foster morale among your employees is to show them you value their personal safety. While there are many ways to accomplish this, they all begin with a systematized approach, or “getting organized” so to speak. You can (and should) include employees in this by letting them participate in safety inspections and other implementations.
  2. Healthy employees are more likely to show up to work.
    • Workplace injuries and accidents don’t have to arrive at a workers’ compensation dispute in order to become a problem. Alas, many employees may miss work because of ailments related to undisclosed workplace incidents. Therefore, you can mitigate absenteeism by promptly investigating and managing safety issues around your business.
  3. Safety management helps limit employee turnover.
    • This is arguably the most obvious consequence of well-constructed employee safety policies. There is plenty of data, from employee exit interviews, that reference injuries, fatigue, and illness as major contributors to job turnover. Therefore, if you pay attention to what causes these problems, you can retain employees much better.
  4. It can also help boost your reputation with customers.
    • Your customers can often tell whether you value employee safety when they visit your business (if you own a physical location). In fact, this has a twofold significance because of the overlap between the safety of your employees and that of your customers. That slipping hazard in the middle of your shop is just as likely to cause an accident for employees and customers alike.
  5. Fewer safety incidents mean fewer lawsuits and insurance claims.
    • Finally, you’ll want to manage safety to remain compliant with federal, state, and local laws, avoid lawsuits and limit insurance claims. Our experience shows that companies improve significantly in this area when they enact basic training and safety policies.

Good safety management can produce several net benefits for your company. If you need professional assistance with this, then Florida Resource Management is at your service. You don’t need a huge HR staff to achieve a tremendous difference in personnel areas like this.

We’d be happy to show you even more about how this works, so call us anytime at 941-343-6160.

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