What is the Role of Resource Management

Posted by Florida Resource Management on April 14, 2023

What is the purpose of resource management for businesses and organizations?

The primary reason to manage personnel resources is to maximize operational effectiveness and efficiency, minimize risk, and resolve staff/employee problems. There are a variety of ways to accomplish things like employee training, equipment/supply management, safety management, and so forth. Our resource management services should help you in all those key areas.

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What Does a Resource Manager Do?

Unlike a project manager or operations superintendent, a resource manager works behind the scenes to handle the “support” tasks. It rarely involves direct interfacing with customers or producing the actual goods/services. Instead, we help hold the organization together by evaluating resource capacity, measuring staff performance, training/onboarding, forecasting staff requirements, and facilitating various departmental needs.

That last part is critical in organizations with lots of complexity and seemingly “competing” objectives. Resource management allows a company to avoid unnecessary conflict and confusion.

Resource Manager Proficiencies

What makes an effective resource manager?

  • Education/Experience - Like anything else, you want to hire an experienced, and certified resource manager or consultant for this task. This often involves certification in resource management, supply chain management, and experience in the HR field.
  • Technical Skills - Does your resource manager understand the purpose of the business (or at least a willingness to learn)? Besides that, a competent resource manager should possess relevant skills in resource management software, and data analysis, and possess expertise in labor laws (i.e., workers’ comp).
  • Interpersonal Skills - This is obviously a position that requires strong “people skills” and the ability to serve as a liaison among many employees or departments. In the context of employee onboarding, for example, the resource management team must have proficiency with skills like interviewing and talent evaluation.

Does Your Organization Need a Resource Manager?

If you run a business of any considerable size, then you need some level of resource management. Some companies handle this through in-house HR management, whereas others turn to outsource options. Florida Resource Management specializes in the latter.

We can help if your organization has any of these problems.

  • Uncertainty over whom to hire for important positions.
  • You’re overworked with HR tasks.
  • You don’t have a reliable or consistent HR system (including accounting) for your business.
  • Conflicts and acrimony are beginning to plague your organization (and disrupt productivity).

Florida Resource Management can help you get a much firmer grasp on all your resource management tasks with our proven systematic approach. We’d like to show you more about this if your business is ready to optimize these important processes. Contact us soon to learn more by calling 941-343-6160.

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