Tips for Interviews Over Zoom

Posted by Florida Resource Management on December 26, 2022

Are you preparing to interview prospective employees via Zoom?

The ability to meet folks through web-based video technology is a tremendous advantage because it lets you interview much faster. It also lets you interview candidates from anywhere in the world, many of whom you wouldn’t be able to meet any other way.

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There are, however, a few challenges to using platforms, like Zoom. You lose some advantages of face-to-face interviews when you interview someone online. Here are some tips to overcome the drawbacks of interviewing via Zoom.

Tips for Interviews Over Zoom

  1. Secure a Good Internet Connection in Advance
    • Half of our advice on web interviews revolves around ensuring the technology operates properly. Almost everyone has experienced the frustration and confusion of Internet difficulties during a Zoom meeting. A weak web connection can cause communications distortions (freezing, sputtering, delays, etc.), and basically, ruin an interview.
    • Remember, that this problem goes both ways. Double-check your web connection AND encourage your interviewees to do the same. Otherwise, one or both sides could derail the entire process.
  2. Check Everything Before Interviewing
    • How do you test your web technology before an interview? It’s wise to do some simple tests on your software. Check the microphone about 10 minutes before the interview. Also, make sure the passcode for the Zoom meeting works and everyone has access to it.
    • Don’t be afraid to resort to a telephone interview (contingency plan) if you absolutely cannot get Zoom to work. It’s better to at least speak with someone, and reconvene the Zoom meeting for a subsequent interview later.
  3. Pay Attention to Body Language & Eye Contact
    • Body language and eye contact matter in every interview format except phone calls. For Zoom interviews, there are two places where someone might focus: 1) the faces on the screen, or 2) directly into the camera. The latter is a much better option if you’d like to simulate eye contact during the interview. This means you should look into the camera when it’s your turn to speak so that the listener feels more like you’re talking to them.
  4. As Usual, Construct Relevant Interview Questions
    • All the conventional wisdom for constructing good questions applies equally to face-to-face and Zoom interviews. You can focus on three question types:
      • 1) Basic Biographical Questions (discussing their work history, strengths, and weaknesses)
      • 2) Targeted Questions (getting them to elaborate on their skills)
      • 3) Behavioral Questions (discovering how they would handle certain workplace scenarios).

If you’d like to learn more about employee interviewing, we’d love to hear from you. Florida Resources Management is an industry leader in human resource solutions. This covers everything from employee interviewing and onboarding to payroll, discipline, and worker’s compensation.
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