Things to Consider When Hiring Remotely

Posted by Florida Resource Management on July 3, 2023

Are you attempting to select remote-working employees for your Florida business?

Then it’s vital to understand the differences between remote versus in-person work to avoid hiring pitfalls. If after reading this quick remote hiring guide, you’d like to learn more, then you’re welcome to speak with us about partnering with Florida Resource Management for hiring help.

What is a Remote Employee?

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A remote employee is someone who performs work for your company without reporting to your central office or workplace. This includes many individuals who do all work tasks from a home office. Then there’s also plenty of Americans who experience a “hybrid” of both in-person and remote labor.

For hiring a remote employee, the evaluation process may be quite different, but it mostly involves a couple of key factors. For one, an employer has to make sure their remote workers can really work alone with less supervision. Also, it’s important to prepare any essential equipment employees would need to handle off-site work.

It can also be a challenge to assimilate remote employees into the company culture since they do not interface as directly with the rest of the team. With all that in mind, here are some ways to address these concerns during the hiring process.

Advice for Selecting Remote Employees

  1. Draft Realistic Job Descriptions - Poor job descriptions can be a source of confusion and acrimony with new hires, and we’ve seen this become a significant problem for remote employees. Since you won’t have the same face-to-face opportunity to forge the position to fit the person, you have to be even more deliberate with job descriptions. You would want to make them more specific than other job postings.
  2. Experiment with Trial Periods - More employers are offering trial periods to prospective candidates before hiring for permanent roles. This can involve probationary incentives, and it gives you (and the employee) the chance to determine the viability of the work relationship before signing long-term contracts.
  3. Pay Close Attention to Relationship Building & Company Culture Integration - Remote meetings and phone calls with your new remote workers are essential. While this should be an ongoing practice, it’s critical during pre-employment screening and early in their working tenure.
  4. Consider the Specific Skills Required - This is a terrific idea for any job hiring, but especially in this regard. You shouldn’t, for example, expect someone to succeed doing remote work without possessing the requisite technological skills.

Since we anticipate remote work will be a significant part of the labor force for a while, we pledge to help Florida businesses find the most dedicated off-site talent.
Florida Resource Management can help you organize your search for top employees either in-person or remote. Our consultation and HR management services have proven effective for small, medium, and large businesses in the Sunshine State. Contact us anytime to discover more about remote work hiring by calling 941-343-6160.

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