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How does your Sarasota business handle employee relations, onboarding, recruiting, benefits, and payroll administration?

If any of those are a sore spot for your company, then it may be time to consider outsourcing for HR management help. That’s where we come through in spades as a cutting-edge Professional Employer Organization (PEO). Our team can help you conquer HR hurdles so that you can get back to managing the other critical aspects of delivering products and services.

Sarasota Businesses We Can Help

We enjoy serving the Sarasota community because there are so many outstanding entrepreneurs eager to serve their clientele and grow their companies. Sarasota County is home to at least 30,000 businesses of various sizes and structures. Chances are, if you own one, then you have at least some employees, which means you could probably use help taking care of them. This applies to almost any firm, big or small, in any of the following industries and sectors: service, technology, restaurants, travel, tourism, manufacturing, research & development, automotive dealerships, and more. What can we do to iron out some of your HR management difficulties? Below are some of the difficult tasks you can outsource (partially or entirely) to us.

What Florida Resource Management Offers

    ● Payroll Administration ● Benefits Administration ● Employee Selection, Onboarding, Training, & Discipline ● Workers’ Compensation Management ● Workplace Safety Enhancement ● Drug Screening ● Background Checks . . . and much more

Benefits of Using a PEO for Important HR Matters

  1. Get Better Compliance - This is most important if you wish to avoid expensive lawsuits. Our system makes it much easier to adhere to every relevant OHSA, IRS, and Florida regulation, applicable to your business.
  2. Take Pressure Off In-House Staff - Most of our clients don’t wish to eliminate all of their HR components, which works just fine. We can serve you in many ways by augmenting your current team, and free them from other business duties.
  3. Improve Employee Retention - It’s easy to lose employees to competitors or other career fields even with the best working environment. In the 2020s, competitive companies cannot afford the cost of poor training, paycheck errors, and other things that could lead your employees to seek other opportunities.
  4. Make Your Job Site Safer - You should also invest in a systematic safety management program if you wish to minimize the volume and severity of workplace accidents. Our approach helps you enact ways to prevent OSHA incidents and keep your employees safe at work.

Contact Florida Resource Management for Your Business in Sarasota

If you’d like to enjoy those advantages, then we’re happy to share more about partnering with a first-class PEO.

For comprehensive and affordable HR help, consider the professionals at Florida Resource Management in Sarasota and surrounding communities. We’ll help you get a grip on your payroll bottlenecks, workers’ comp, and everything else preventing you from smooth employee administration. Contact us today to learn more by calling 941-343-6160.

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