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Safety Management Program

Your workers’ comp premiums are directly proportionate to the frequency and severity of injuries or illnesses your business experiences. The cost of an injury or illness to the insurance carrier is far greater than what most businesses realize; thus leading employers to make little effort to “prevent” incidents. That’s why we make it a priority to inform our clients about the potential for financial ruin caused by injuries and illnesses.
FRM goes the extra mile when it comes to “preventing” losses. We’ve implemented a safety management program that simply works. It enables clients to establish and integrate new habits, which raise awareness among employees and identify risks to the employees before an incident occurs. Our program is built around a centralized software application called OSHIFY™.
Clients who participate in our safety management program and use the OSHIFY™ safety management software automatically receive deep discounts on their workers’ compensation premiums. How is this possible? When you use the OSHIFY™ software, safety task data is transmitted to FRM automatically, proving that you are doing the safety meetings, inspections and other routine safety management tasks that prevent losses.

Furthermore, the OSHIFY™ software is not complicated. It was designed with simplicity in mind, enabling non-tech personnel to use it successfully. The process includes; (1) Setting up your organization, (2) Deciding on task frequencies and (3) Executing the tasks made possible by the software. If you want to know more about OSHIFY™ give us a call or visit their website directly at OSHIFY Safety Management Software. Let us know you’ve signed up with OSHIFY™ and then we’ll apply workers’ compensation discounts for your organization.

Florida Resource Management leadership is totally committed to helping businesses succeed over the long term and our methods enable you to do just that. If you are committed to co-employment excellence, you’re in good company. Give us a call at (941) 343-6160!
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