Reasons You Need OSHIFY Safety Management

Posted by Florida Resource Management on August 19, 2022

We strongly recommend you OSHIFY your workplace safety since better safety leads to fewer workers’ compensation claims. It’s possible to manage safety and avoid all kinds of headaches, injury, and monetary losses with our patented software system. We want to explain the reasons this is important and briefly discuss how OSHIFY works.

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Reasons for OSHIFY Safety

  1. Organize Your Safety Policies
    • Safety policies and procedures have to be in clear writing that everyone can easily understand. You should consider the legal documents, particularly during a workers’ compensation dispute. Since that’s the case, you need an organized, formal, and systematized approach to this matter.
  2. Better Tracking of Leading & Lagging Indicators
    • Lagging indicators tell you what has already happened in your company regarding safety. This is a record of all the incidents that have occurred, whereas leading indicators help track how well you do safety training, and complete corrective actions, audits, and inspections. Needless to say, this requires outstanding accuracy.
  3. Use Cutting-Edge Software
    • Smart businesses know the importance of good software for organizing their processes. This is also true of our Safety Management Software. It’s all part of a business approach where you would want to provide your organization and team with every resource needed to be successful.
  4. Get More Results from Safety Training Exercises
    • An organized safety system paves the way for better training efficacy. It helps your team learn the best practices for job safety and become more aware of workplace hazards (and reduce them). It also serves to train key employees with more in-depth specialization germane to their area.
  5. Make it Easier to Track, Report, and Discuss Safety Matters
    • This goes along with better safety training courses. It’s always better to have ways to report safety “issues” before they become safety accidents. Good software systems like OSHIFY will help you become more preemptive with the topic.

How Does OSHIFY Work?

One of the best parts about OSHIFY is that you don’t need to be a tech expert to make it work right. We strive for simplicity.

All you have to do is 1) set up your organization, 2) determine safety task frequencies, and 3) use the software to help you track and complete tasks. We can explain more about this when you meet with us, but the point is that it’s user-friendly and helps streamline safety management for consistent, measurable improvement.

Florida Resource Management optimizes all of your HR functions, including safety management, to help you save money, manage personnel better, and avoid confusion. We welcome you to read more about our programs to see if they would be a great fit for your business. Call to speak to one of our representatives at 941-343-6160.

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