Posted by Florida Resource Management on February 21, 2023

Do you have enough HR services for your small or medium size business?

In the 21st century, it’s impossible to operate a successful company, one with a staff of over two people, without human resources. That’s because of all the payroll, training, onboarding, safety management, disciplining, and other tasks you have to do. While many businesses still handle HR with an in-house department, a popular alternative involves outsourcing it to a professional external manager like us.

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Florida Resource Management is a professional employment organization (PEO), and among our many outstanding services, is our comprehensive HR management assistance. Here’s why it’s essential to your business and how we can help.

Essential HR Services We Provide

  1. Finding Reliable Help & Talent
    • One of the busiest tasks for any growing organization involves finding new employees. It takes no small amount of time to select reliable team members who won’t quit within the first 90 days. Since you’re a business owner with many other obligations, it’s wise to outsource or delegate this task to professionals.
    • Whether you need to fill an opening for a departing corporate officer, an entry-level/part-time employee, or anything in between, Florida Resource Management can recruit for any position.
  2. Managing Employee Performance
    • Once your business reaches a certain size and sophistication, you’ll need to track and manage employee performance. There’s no getting around this if you want any semblance of worker accountability. You should remember, however, that managing employee performance can be difficult and even contentious. Here again, it pays to have a competent HR management service that can devise objective performance metrics and help you apply them fairly. This is the best way to ensure you’ll have a high-performing staff while remaining compliant with non-discrimination laws and other workplace standards.
  3. Ensuring Compliance
    • Speaking of compliance, you never want to approach this topic haphazardly or without professional assistance. Just as you always need a trustworthy attorney to write your contracts, you should have solid HR to keep your company compliant with the myriad of corporate regulations. This covers a range of important issues such as workers’ compensation, OSHA compliance, disciplinary standards, and more.

Contact Florida Resource Management for Reliable HR Support

Florida Resource Management can help your business with all these concerns and several others. We have plenty of experience partnering with organizations of various sizes. Our co-employment solutions are just as effective for a business with 2,000 workers as they would be for one with 20 employees.
Therefore, if you’re ready to strengthen your business or organization with excellent HR solutions, then please consider Florida Resource Management. We can handle everything from background checks and safety management to payroll and workers’ compensation. Contact us anytime to learn more about HR services by calling 941-343-6160.

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