How Does HR Support Employees?

Posted by Florida Resource Management on May 5, 2023

Another important function of Human Resources (HR) is to serve as a liaison to employees. This happens in a variety of ways: training, health/wellness support, continuing education opportunities, and more. While there are many HR departments and external HR consulting firms across America, we’d like to show you how Florida Resource Management helps employees for businesses in the Sunshine State.

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How Does Our HR Service Support Employees?

  1. Training & Onboarding (for Employees & Managers)
    • Perhaps the most recognizable HR task revolves around employee selection, onboarding, and training. It would be an understatement to say that this “sets the tone” for your company if you know anything at all about employee turnover. Simply put, whenever you hire folks and don’t train them well (even those with fantastic potential), you’ll lose them fast. Don’t forget that this also includes training managers and supervisors on how to train their subordinates. An important sub-component here is the training and support HR provides when managers must discipline or even terminate someone’s employment. 
  2. Management of Health Plans & Other Important Benefits
    • You may have heard of the “benefits administrator” role within the purview of HR management. There’s a lot to it, but it broadly covers crucial areas like managing employee health plans, disability insurance, retirement planning (401Ks), and much more. In the old days, this level of sophisticated management was impossible, and it was up to business managers to handle it themselves.
  3. Guide Employees with Internal Career Opportunities & Continuing Education
    • We might call this the “employee development” aspect to differentiate it from new-hire training support. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that it's more cost-effective and less complicated to develop and promote folks from within your company (rather than always hiring externally). This is a much more realistic possibility when your HR staff can help you identify star talent, encourage further skill building, and advertise new internal job opportunities. Finally, this also extends into the realm of new employee recruitment. When you must make an external hire for a key position, HR can help you locate viable candidates way quicker than doing it yourself.

This is just a broad overview of what HR does to assist employees and lend terrific support to operational management and ownership. It applies aptly to small, medium, and large businesses alike.

If you need dedicated HR assistance and don’t have internal staff, then we welcome you to consider the professional support from Florida Resource Management. We help businesses gain better control of HR, accounting, workplace safety, and much more. You can learn all about our services by calling our Sarasota headquarters anytime at 941-343-6160.

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