Co-Employment & Why is it Beneficial?

Posted by Florida Resource Management on July 20, 2022

Co-employment has become a big phenomenon in American business lately. We’d like to explain what that is, illustrate some of its advantages, and share some of our services.

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What is Co-Employment?

There may be some misperception regarding what constitutes co-employment. Some are led to believe that this refers to totally outsourcing the management of all HR functions. This is not the case, however.

Co-employment is where a business contracts itself with what’s called a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in an effort to share the burden of managing employment concerns. It’s NOT a full cessation of managerial rights on the part of the business owner.

Florida Resource Management is a PEO that helps companies gain more control of difficult tasks like employee onboarding, managing payroll, or handling workers’ compensation disputes. Ultimately, final decisions rest with company ownership, but we assist in cultivating and implementing policies. This creates more time for business management to better carry out their company’s mission.

Why Co-Employment Can Help

Co-employment relationships have several advantages.

  • Top-notch HR Support
    • It’s expensive to maintain in-house HR management these days. The PEO model for doing this is much more cost-effective. You may still wish to do some of the HR on your own, but it’s nice to know you can get expert assistance even with limited resources.
  • Talent Management
    • Does your business need to fill the vacancy of an important executive role? Do you have several open production jobs with no idea how to attract talent? That’s where we enter the equation. Onboarding, disciplining, promoting, and terminating employees is difficult. We can help you do this for permanent staff, temporary hires, and even contractors.
  • Help With Compliance
    • If you’ve been in business for a while, you know already that there is a lot of complexity in employment law. It’s incredibly important to ensure full compliance with contracts, wage laws, workplace safety regulations, and everything else germane to business. Otherwise, you risk incurring lawsuits and other headaches.

Co-Employment Solutions With Florida Resource Management

Our Co-Employment solutions cover the entire landscape of personnel issues facing any company. It’s possible to handle these matters alone, but as your company grows and expands, it becomes harder and harder to manage personnel complexity effectively. That’s why it pays to leverage our years of experience and expertise in these areas.
Florida Resource Management is the best co-employment firm in Sarasota, FL. We help businesses address a myriad of HR, payroll, and other personnel problems. If you think our services can help improve your business performance, contact us at 941-343-6160.

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