How Mid-Size Businesses Can Benefit from a Professional Employer Organization?

Posted by Florida Resource Management on January 5, 2024

Does your growing business sometimes struggle to manage all of its important human resources tasks, like accounting, benefits administration, and workplace safety?

These are common stumbling blocks for businesses with dozens or even hundreds of employees and one or more sites. Fortunately, there are ways to make things run smoother with the help of a dedicated Professional Employer Organization (PEO). We’d like to explain what that is, and demonstrate the many advantages to hiring one.

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What is a Professional Employer Organization?

PEOs assist businesses (small, medium, and large) by allowing them to outsource some (or all) of their personnel administration. You might hear some refer to this as “co-employment.” That simply means we work with you to accomplish everything from employee recruitment, training, and retention to making sure you're compliant with relevant employment laws.

Many small or mid-size business owners depend on PEOs for support with strategic HR management to free them up for other important tasks. With our help, you can focus on your core competencies, like creating, enhancing, and selling products/services.

What are the most important areas, where you might enlist the expertise of a PEO, like Florida Resource Management?

Common HR Problems We Help Resolve

  • Complex Payroll Systems
  • Workers’ Comp Management (including avoiding fraudulent claims)
  • Benefits Administration (i.e., health, dental, vision, COBRA, life insurance, retirement plans)
  • OSHA Compliance 
  • Employee Retention Issues
  • . . . and much more.

Businesses That Use PEOs to Help with HR

What kinds of companies come to us to streamline their HR systems?

  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Legal Services
  • Hospitality Businesses
  • Plumbing/Electrical/HVAC Companies
  • Real Estate Firms
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Securities Brokers
  • . . . basically any business with any significant workforce.

Florida Resource Management - The Sunshine State’s Most Dependable PEO

It’s also important to know that there are certain things we do not do as an HR partner. We don’t take over your company, make decisions for you, dictate how much to pay your employees, or interfere with how you interface with customers. Our role is purely support oriented and never involves impeding how you make products or offer services.

Since this only covers the very basics of PEO services, we’d appreciate the opportunity to show you more about us. Florida Resource Management serves countless small and medium-sized businesses by making HR much easier, allowing them to get back to running their companies.

Contact us anytime to learn more about reliable PEO service by calling our Sarasota office at 941-343-6160.

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