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Posted by Florida Resource Management on December 15, 2023

If you wish to expand your business and enjoy fewer bottlenecks with your staff, then it never hurts to bolster your HR skills.

This means something different for every business owner since the needs of a 20-person organization are nowhere near the same as a 2,000-employee factory. Nevertheless, HR administration is very detailed and requires practice. Below are a handful of strategies for getting better in this crucial area of business management.

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Way to Boost Your HR Skills

  1. Know Your Colleagues - Rule number one: know thy employees. It’s incredibly difficult for any supervisor, manager, or colleague to expect much from their folks without knowing their specific skill sets, limitations, goals, ambitions, etc. If you don’t know these things, they’ll be less likely to fit in well, might leave sooner than expected, and force you to recruit and train replacements all the time.
  2. Learn the Laws of the Land - As we mentioned in our last post, it’s important to keep an eye on updates to tax laws, or at least being aware of the most relevant laws. This includes employment legislation (like FLSA), tax regulations for your jurisdiction (especially if you operate in multiple states), and how to handle workers’ compensation.
  3. Improve Your IT Skills - IT and HR are heavily related, nowadays, because of the integration of personnel management and software solutions. Everything from payroll and time-keeping to safety inspections and drug screening run through some type of computer/Internet framework. Therefore, it’s essential to be at least modestly tech savvy. Then again, when in doubt, this next item could help a lot.
  4. Partner with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) - It’s much better to approach HR tasks with dedicated help rather than attempt to “DIY” all the difficult work. Just the taxes and employment law compliance aspects alone could overwhelm any business with more than a few employees. That’s why Florida Resources Management is here to help you conquer all the payroll minutiae, benefits administration, talent recruitment, and more. Yes, you can still maintain an in-house HR staff, but it’s also beneficial to outsource strategically if you want optimal results.

Maximize Your Business Potential with Effective HR Management

Of course, this is only a brief introduction to what we do to reshape and streamline your personnel management framework. We’re happy to meet with you soon to show you specific solutions, and further elaborate our track record with HR consulting.

You can make running a business much easier with effective partnerships, including a lucrative one with Florida Resource Management. We help small, medium, and large businesses clear payroll, HR, and workplace safety hurdles to make running the rest of their operations much easier.
Contact us anytime to learn more about HR management skills by calling our team at 941-343-6160.

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