Advantages of Background Checks

Posted by Florida Resource Management on October 5, 2022

Background checks are an essential component of any successful employee selection process. We can cite many advantages of pre-employment checks, including the reduction of workplace violence, improvement of candidate quality, and the elimination of unpleasant surprises later down the road. Continue reading to discover all the reasons Florida Resource Management recommends performing background checks on all prospective employees.

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Advantages of Background Checks

  1. Get Better Quality Applicants
    • Since it’s possible to run across resumes with errors or fabrications, you need to scrutinize them for veracity with a background check. Otherwise, you risk hiring somebody who lied to you to obtain their position. Also, if you make it known that you do background checks, then it’ll deter unscrupulous candidates from applying, thus saving you the time you would have lost by reviewing their resumes.
  2. Reduce Workplace Violence
    • Background checks also allow you to screen for candidates with criminal records or other red flags that predict workplace violence. Don’t underestimate how serious this problem can be for a business. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates there are over 1.5 million lost workdays each year because of workplace violence.
  3. Protect Your Business from Negligent Hiring Liability
    • Businesses can suffer major consequences when their employees commit certain crimes or contribute to unsafe working conditions. This means you could experience the ill effects of a lawsuit if you have employees who carelessly neglect their work equipment, and cause others to get hurt. That alone can lead to a lawsuit against the company, which only gets worse if it coincides with negligent hiring practices.
  4. Eliminate the Potential for Future Employee Dishonesty
    • You probably already know that there are plenty of behaviors that predict future occurrences of theft and other forms of dishonesty. A good background check can eliminate this problem and save you lots of money by preventing employee fraud.

These are the primary reasons you should perform background checks before hiring new employees.
Florida Resource Management can help you conduct comprehensive background checks, manage workplace safety, and other personnel tasks without needing to carry a huge HR staff. Highly organized businesses have much more success than businesses that wait for problems to happen without a plan. If you’d like to learn more about background checks or anything else we offer, contact us at 941-343-6160.

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