Co-Employment Solutions For Every Business Type & Size.

Payroll is a time consuming, complex task which is better left to those who do it everyday. As your employment partner, we’ll take care of difficult administrative duties; eliminating error, wasted time while improving accuracy and accountability. Tax administration is an inherent part of payroll outsourcing services because it’s directly tied to the payroll hours and many other company specifics. Let us take care of these burdens and focus on what you do. After all, the power of focus is what enables you to make the most out of your time and money.

There are many PEO’s who simply offer workers’ comp. We’re have a different kind of coverage. A type that gives you deep discount options if you’ll implement the safety program we’ve established for those who are serious about business continuity and longevity.

Health benefits are an inherent part of business once you’re employee count exceeds specific thresholds. So we’ve teamed up with the right providers to give you the best possible options – based upon your actual needs That makes us a different kind of company.

Learn how Obamacare impacts you, your business and its’ employees. We’re just a phone call away.

Human resources management is complex, especially for companies with no HR staff. We have a centralized human resources – product point where all your HR needs can be met quickly and efficiently. That product is Think HR.

To learn more about Think HR, give us a call or message us. We’ll be glad to help you evaluate the effectiveness of this product.

Safety is an integral part of our co-employment ecosystem. Companies who want to succeed long term, acknowledge that safety and health must be taken seriously. To the contrary, businesses who do not value employee safety, generally pay a much higher cost later on due to workers’ comp premiums, labor law suits, regulatory agency citations and countless indirect costs.

We understand that safety management is difficult, but we’ll give a tool that will enable you to “do safety” successfully and efficiently. Ask about it today.

Time Saving Efficiency

Our battle tested methods enable us to execute quality services with complete efficiency. This means our costs are below the norm, yet bring a higher value than most comparable services. This fact extends across all of our services and those of industry partners.

Performance Discounts

You’re aware of so-called discounts in the industry, but we offer deeper, more meaningful discounts for those who “do safety”. We can enable any company to achieve safety success; thus enabling us to get the lowest possible coverage for your business.

Custom Solutions

No two companies are the same. That’s why we strive to comprehend the needs of your business and simply create solutions that meet your organization’s specific needs. The result is highly customized options for your business, which enable you to focus more on your daily tasks.

Personal Interaction

The level of personalized service a PEO offers, is directly proportionate to it’s size. FRM is small, lean and customer focused. Our staff wants a personal and professional relationship with key personnel in your organization; so we can better understand your specific needs.

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